Monday, October 4, 2010

Quiet Day at Home Today after Busy Weekend at Metrolina

Monday is usually a busy day.  Today was not any different for me.  After a busy weekend at Charlotte Metrolina Expo with no sales and spending all day Sunday moving our "stuff" from two+  booths into one booth I am very tired.  That was a very long sentence.  I talked with many people this weekend about pet portraits however, no commissions yet.  I have determined that the time actually sitting at the easel painting is the best way to interest in a portrait.  Like most new ventures, so far my partner and I have lost money.  We have only a few more months in the lease.  Our sales over the next weeks and months will determine if we renew the lease.  Very discouraging.  Maybe we will have some good sales next weekend and be encouraged again. Lots of people admire my glassware but no one has made a purchase.  Keeping our fingers crossed for next weekend.