Friday, November 26, 2010

Judy Moses - Fine Art

Judy Moses - Fine Art

Uploaded some additional photos today to Fine Art America.  Black Friday and I probably should be shopping for Christmas but I am home still nursing my shoulder.  Trying to paint a little and clean up my work area...that's a job!  Yesterday I gave my original Santa portrait to my nephew.  He is a Santa collector.  Apparently, he really liked the portrait and so did everyone else.  It really makes you feel good to do something for someone else who appreciates what you do.  I am working on another Santa portrait that I might display at Charlotte Metrolina above Kathy's fireplace.  I would certainly like to sell some of my paintings so I need to keep reading and working on how to promote my art.

I have more paintings that I probably should give away.  Maybe I will work on some and get ready for Christmas.  I need to work on Christmas Cards as I have made those for years.  Lots of things to do before the holidays.   So much to do, so little time.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Working on my Art...Slowly

Since my surgery, I have made good progress toward recovery according to the doctor and PT.  Unfortunately, it is a long road to full recovery, about 12 weeks.  I have been working in both oil and acrylic...trying to paint with left hand.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have worked on a portrait of a beautiful brown horse.  I really know very little about horses, except they are beautiful creatures.  The portrait that I did is from a photo that was taken by an internet friend.  I think that the portrait is coming along nicely however, it still needs some work.  Still needs some highlights and work on the mane.  So far, I feel good about what I have created in oils.  I would like to get some commissions to paint.

I have also painted, all in oils, portraits of a brown Labrador (our grand dog), cocker spaniel, German Shepard, and  still working on a long haired dog.  I originally painted the cocker spaniel in acrylics but did not like the result so I repainted in oils.  I like the look much better. As I look at each portrait, I can see that each one needs some work...we are our own worst critic but that is how we improve our work.  I posted photos of each portrait to Facebook.

In December, I have scheduled an acrylic landscape class at Michaels.   I also worked on a sample for that class.

Maybe I will have time to work on these again today.

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