Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Zibbet Shop for Family Footprints Designs

Recently we created a new shop for Family Footprints Designs on  Please follow this link to visit the new shop .  Zibbet is a newer online site featuring hand crafted and vintage items and becoming very popular for a place to shop online for those hand crafted and vintage items.

Currently, I  have only a few items listed however, I am adding items.  Some items will be different from those on Etsy and others will be duplicates on both sites.  Check back frequently for new items on both sites.   

Update from Judy

It seems like it has been forever...since I posted a note to my Yahoo group.  I have been able to resume teaching classes at Michaels (both acrylic and oil) and have taught a class at the Lucille Tatum Center in Gastonia.

I have called the YMCA in McAdenville numerous times over the last three weeks and still have not been able to reach the person with whom I need to discuss classes.  She finally returned my call yesterday while I was gone so I will try again today to connect.  Michelle is no longer there so I am starting over with Susan Mosk.

Doing much better with my arm and shoulder.  Still going to therapy and have graduated to once a week.  We are working on strengthening now.  I understand what Blenda was talking about now with the long recovery process.  Never imagined this long recovery process!!!

Hope that everyone is doing well.  I will continue to try to get things scheduled with the YMCA and let you know the progress.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Family Footprints Designs

Family Footprints Designs

Blogging Frequency

When I established this Blog, I thought that I would be able to blog more frequently however, my input has been sporadic at best.  I continue to work on multiple projects...painting, quilting, jewelry, cooking, etc. which often causes me not to finish projects in a timely basis.  Do you struggle with doing multiple projects things?  How do you cope with this dilemma ?